Rotation Around an Axis

Rotation Around an Axis

Rotation properties and methods of a mesh are set to be about an axis through the local origin of a mesh. In this case all that is necessary is to define an axis is a vector.


The rotate method has the following form where axis is a vector of the type (x, y, z), angle is in radians and space is local (BABYLON.Space.LOCAL) or world (BABYLON.Space.WORLD)

mesh.rotate(axis, angle, space);

Using rotate is cumulative, that is the rotation angle is added to the current rotation angle, so in an animation the same angle is used in each frame.

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Rotation Quaternion

Just as you set mesh.rotation to a 3 dimensional vector you set mesh.rotationQuaternion to a quaternion, a 4 dimensional vector (x, y, z, w) where x, y, z defines a world axis and w the angle of rotation about the axis.

You set the rotationQuaternion property given an axis and an angle by creating a quaternion as follows

mesh.rotationQuaternion = new BABYLON.Quaternion.RotationAxis(axis, angle);

As for rotation a further use of rotationQuaternion re-sets the rotation to the new angle, so in an animation the angle of rotation is increased each frame.

Playground Example using a Quaternion -

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